Saturday, December 5, 2009

Go Team Jacob!

I went to see New Moon a few days after it came out, trying to avoid crowds and teenagers which for this movie was unavoidable. The movie was awesome and much better than the first one. I left the movie motivated to read how the Saga ends. This movie gives us a better understanding about the story behind Carlisle’s coven, the ever growing love between Edward and Bella, and of coarse JACOB! <33333
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New Moon, is all about getting to know Jacob. His love for Bella and a connection that forms between them. It brings yet another legend to life, as we learn about Jacobs not so human side. We also learn about the Volturi’s who are a coven of vampires made up of some of the most ancient and powerful vampires operating from Volterra, Italy.
I was excited and looking forward to seeing this part of the Saga especially because New Moon was my favorite book out of the 3 I read from the Twilight Saga. I stopped reading the Twilight Saga because I actually really do NOT like Bella. I find her to be extremely selfish and her character annoys me so much I had no desire to continue reading it. I took me about a year to return to the Saga. I am currently reading book four because after all, I have to know how it all ends!! If you have not read the books, I’m telling you the movies don’t even come close. Especially the first movie, which I didn’t like at all. It was very choppy and both movies leave out the intimate details. If you really want to know how much Edward loves Bella and how much she obsesses over him???…..Read the books! There is so much more emotion that goes on in the books that the big screen has failed to deliver. Stephanie Meyers is a great author.
In between Eclipse and Breaking Dawn, I read The Host also written by Meyers which is also amazing! Sorry ladies no Edward or vampires in that one. ^_^

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  1. Hi, I saw this movie. I think Jacob is a better actor than Edward. I love his charachter.
    I love your blog!
    Hugs, Marisa