Sunday, January 31, 2010


Photobucket I apologize about not blogging recently; I have been super busy with "life responsibilities"! This movie lover has so many things to keep on top of, she just hasn’t found the time to relax and watch some flicks. Which leads me straight to the point of this blog.

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I recently Netflixed My Sister’s Keeper, which is a must if you have not yet seen it! Sometimes, I try to stay away from a movie that will evidently make me cry but this movie was more than a tear jerker, it was inspiring. Sometimes, in our busy lives we are so busy “doing” that we don’t step back and appreciate what we done. Sometimes we need a reminder that while we are living our lives one day at a time, that “time” is limited. I’m not trying to sound pessimistic but it is a reality for all of us. Death and taxes, right? After I watched this movie, which is about a teenage girl who is dying of cancer, I was inspired not only to live but to live it fully. The story is a good one, heartfelt and written beautifully!
After I watched My sister’s Keeper I watched The Lovely Bones, without going into great detail about it, it was everything you would expected from a Peter Jackson’s film, thrilling, lavish cinematography and a touching story. This movie was about a young girl whose life was cut short by a sick, creepy, murder. What I loved about this movie was the seeing how the story develops after her death. How differently people deal with death and I loved the scenes of Susie’s after life. I always enjoy seeing how people invision the idea of heaven.
Watching both these movies within a week’s time struck a chord in me. I feel as if I’m always working towards a milestone or chapter in my life when I will finally feel fulfilled and truly happy, that I let so much of life pass me by trying to get there. I want to be happy in every moment, even in my transitional, grey ones. So instead of always talking about wanting to learn to play guitar, I finally signed up for it and took my first class last week. I learned to crochet this month and finished a scarf yesterday. Although this may seem like nothing to some people, it’s exactly what I have always wanted to do. Now I have too many hobbies to keep up with! LOL but I’m proud of myself, and while I’m on this road to a more fulfilling everyday life, I’m looking to volunteer more often with I loved the few projects I picked up last year and would love to do some more.


So my message to you today is: Go out and get inspired! Do that thing you always wanted to do and become a better version of you! I'm sure there are tons of wonderful things inside you just dying to come out, let that bottled up creativity find its place in the world. As long as you're's never too late.


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